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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Things I Love Thursday

This adorable print by Sbritt on Etsy

I am dying to try to make this perfect little A-Frame Tent by My Cakies!

Look at this DARLING little hand embroidered fox pillow by Early Bird Special! It belongs on my couch, I'm thinkin'!

I really would love to make myself a pair of these DIY Scalloped Shorts. How cute are they? I'm picturing them with some cute autumn tights underneath for warmth!

This lovely vintage dress sold by MabelPinkPants- needs to be in my closet, NOW!

I am in love with this picture. Every combination is just perfect, I want to be wearing everything pictured <3


Chai Tea Latte Cupcakes by American Cupcake Abroad... holy YUMMO! These are going to be made soon, I assure you.

I am in love with these vintage owl mugs. How cute would they be to serve a warm mug of tomato soup in? Perfect. Sold by Pumpkin Truck.

I can't wait until my hair gets long enough to try this, so beautiful!

Can I PLEEEEAAAASEEE have a hedgehog? Look at that cute little thing! Just look at it and try to tell me your heart isn't melted into a puddle. Gawww.

Oh my goodness. More heart melting cuteness <3

Who doesn't like Epic Meal time?! Especially when it involves candy... yum.

Other things this week I <3

churros and cherry lemonade// cute little girls complimenting my hair color// pink blue and purple nailpolish// finding old clothes I had forgotten I owned// wii tennis!// random guy taking a picture of me in Hollywood- I am a most mystical creature!// finally going on the Indiana Jones ride// thinking about Halloween costumes and decorations// GAME OF THRONES holy cow// spending time with great friends

What are you hearting this week, lovelies?


  1. Those shorts are so cute! I'm thinkin' a jean skirt with scallops may be more up my alley though. Hmm...may need to make that!

  2. That's a great idea Amanda! I think a skirt would be SUPER cute <3

  3. I love all of these. Those DIY shorts are amazing, although I'd probably do it wrong :-/! That fox embroidered cushion is super cute too.


  4. those scalloped jean shorts are such a cute idea!! the thread through them makes it just that much better :)

  5. I love these posts.
    So often, we go through life seeing things that make us smile, or go 'Wow', but we never share them with anyone.
    For example, today I smiled at a newly mowed lawn that had wonderful stripes, and the patterns that the sunlight reflecting from a puddle made on a wall. Now I wish I'd taken pictures of them to share.
    Thanks you for a brief glimpse through the window into your world.

  6. Oh! I love those shorts!! If you make a pair, will you post? I am kind of inspired ..

    And PS, I've started following you! (Maybe not on GFC, since at least I know MINE is being screwy, but on Google Reader for sure!) I found you on Kelly-Anne's blog. :)


  7. #1 I love the idea of "Things I Love" Thursday. I'm tempted to steal it for my Kaboodle blog. Would you kill me?

    #2 OMG Chai cupcakes. OMG OMG Chai cupcakes. OMG.

  8. i love all of those things! you have wonderful taste!!! i love your blog, too! glad i stumbled upon it!


  9. I love love that little tent. That will be a must for my kids, when I have them. And I love that embroidered fox. so great.


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