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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Things I Love Thursday

This vintage avocado green suitcase from The Fancy Lamb

This beautiful ombre nail tutorial by Beautylish

This adorable retro space lady. Look at that hair! So cute.

I am in love with this halter dress from Dig For Victory. Need it!

Check out this precious wedding vignette featured at Donkey and the Carrot! Love this idea.

I would love to own this vintage 50's AristoCom Tube radio from Schmoo1515

In love with this decorating concept with vintage cameras over at Rabbits and Snails!

 Look at this darling vintage dress at Simplicity is Bliss.... can I please haz?

Love this graphic <3

Yum yum! Funfetti Sandwich Cookie recipe at Baked Perfection.

Look at this precious little owl hunting invisible prey. What a cutie!

Foxes jumping on trampolines. Enough said.

More things that made my week:

delicious thai food with hubby//quality girl time with friends//junk food// reality television show marathons// hearing my mommy so excited about her vacation in NYC// playing with new nail polishes// beautiful aquariums//cute kiddos in my neighborhood coming by just to say hi// thrifting days// finding crazy bugs in my backyard//doodle god//new video games//

So what were you loving, my lovelies?


  1. Another great post. I love your Thursday posts :o)

  2. funfetti sandwich cookies ----- ummm ----- yes please! and that vintage suitcase is LOVE.

    thanks for coming by Her Umbrella - hope you come back for a visit and/or subscribe :).


  3. I just about died watching the owl!!! So cute!!

  4. Ah those dresses are gorgeous! You have such a great taste dear!

  5. I loved the owl post and the foxes on the trampoline. Way cute. Some very cute dresses, too.


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