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Monday, October 10, 2011

Makeup Monday: Autumn Breeze

I've been feeling so inspired by this new cool fall weather we are experiencing in parts of Southern California... I love it! The leaves are starting to change color from green to fiery reds, yellows and browns- and falling to the ground for me to jump upon to hear a satisfying "crunch". Woohoo! Here's an easy makeup look inspired by these gorgeous fall colors. I hope you like it!

Start with a prepped face- that means your usual foundation/concealer routine! I'm not going to go over that because mine is BORING...  ;)

To get the best result from any eye shadow, but especially drug store or more inexpensive shadows, be sure to prime your lids first! This will give the eyeshadow a base, or something to "stick" to- making your shadows more vibrant, crease resistant and longer wearing. You can use a lid primer, or even a face primer or a bit of foundation in a pinch. 

First, you want to apply an orangey gold shadow all over the lid. Don't sweep it on, but rather press it gently on the lid. This deposits more color and gives a richer color payoff. 

Picking up a small amount of dark shadow at a time, use the same pressing motion to press the brown shadow into your crease and also the outer corner of the eye, making sort of  V shape, see it?

Now you want to continue the gold shadow under the eye, from the inner corner of your eye to the middle part. Again, use a pressing motion to press the shadow directly under your bottom lashes. 

Now, use the same technique to apply the dark brown shadow to the outer bottom corner, giving your eye some nice definition!

Next, apply a couple coats of black or dark brown mascara to your top and bottom lashes. Wiggle the brush slightly while coating your lashes to make them thicker and more luscious! 

Now, choose a golden flecked blush or bronzer and sweep it from the apples of your cheeks (you can find the apple of your cheek by smiling big- the part of your cheek that pops out the most is the apple)

And sweep it all the way to your temple. I heard a good way to find the best cheek bone sculpting line on your face was to sweep from directly by your nostril all the way towards the top of your ear. This will help define your beautiful bone structure, or help you fake it! ;)

For your final step, apply a light pink or nude gloss to your lips. We want to keep it simple! A good rule of thumb is when you are playing up your eyes, keep your lips simple, and when you are having fun with lip color, go easy on the eye makeup. 

And there you have it- a festive and seasonally appropriate makeup look! I hope you guys enjoy- and if any of you try this look out, I'd be stoked if you sent me pictures :D

Makeup Used

Orange Gold Eyeshadow// Wet n Wild Color Icon palette in I'm Getting Sunburned
Dark Brown Eyeshadow// Wet n Wild Color Icon palette in I'm Getting Sunburned
Lipgloss// Loreal Paris Color Riche in Soft Pink
Bronzer// Physician's Formula Shimmer Strip in Vegas Strip
Primer// Loreal Studio Secrets Magic Perfecting Base
Mascara// Loreal Voluminous in Carbon Black 


  1. Love this look, but I hope you know how incredibly gorgeous you are even without makeup!

  2. Lovely lovely! And the pretty color of your hair just adds to the autumn look. :) love it!

  3. This looks great, can't wait to try it out for myself!

  4. gorgeous !!

    =) you look amazing love!

    and i agree with you
    i am glad summer weather is gone
    and we get to wear boots and sweaters!

    happy monday! :)


  5. looks great! Thanks for the tip on the lid primer because eye shadow never works for me

  6. Thanks, you guys are absolute DOLLS! <3

  7. ooooooooooh pretty!!!! Yep, the 60% glamour girl in me really loves this :)
    xo Moorea

  8. you have really pretty eyes! loving the makeup look


  9. hi pretty lady
    :D i am giving you an award
    today .. go check out my blog
    your pic is in my post <3


  10. I could never pull this off but you totally rock it! Gorgeous :)

    a cup of subtle tea


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