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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Things I Love Thursday

This darling sewing room adornment by the ever so talented Paper Sparrow. I really want to do something like this is my own craft room, though I'm admittedly not much of a sewer (yet!)

I want a hammock to lounge and read in SO badly... I'm especially in love with the beautiful hand woven versions from Hamanica

I think these delicious looking cake batter pancakes from How Sweet It Is would be an excellent birthday morning treat! I think I might make some for my upcoming special day...

This crocheted doily dress featured on Bridal Snob is BEYOND adorable... I'm so in love with it, it makes me want to get married all over again! Maybe a vow renewal in the future?

I feel like I may well be the last blogger alive without an instant camera, and I feel a serious need to remedy that! Isn't this 70's Rainbow SX-70 Instant Land camera at WellWudJaLookAtThat a beauty?

I am absolutely jumping on the bandwagon with all things Mason jars, and I adore this easy peasey DIY Tinted Rainbow Mason Jar tutorial over at Momtastic. I can't wait to try it out!

I am swooning over this little vintage kitchen with is a part of Sugar Mama's Bake Shop. It is my new inspiration for my own kitchen- I love the touch of hanging the cute aprons up like that! (picture taken by  Thompson Family)

My obsession with 50's day dresses shows no signs of receding, and this week, I fell in love with this blue little beauty at Shop REINVINTAGE.

Pretty sure this may be one of the cutest things ever. I can't get over how precious they are!

Are these crochet pansies at Ravelry the cutest darn thing ever, or what? I would love to learn how to crochet so I can make bouquets of these! If you already can crochet and want to make these, click the link! It's a free pattern :)

I am DYING for this gal's hair! Isn't she absolutely stunning? I've never seen blue hair done better. Her blog, Cotton Candy Dreams is darling. Check it out!

If you don't feel like weeping, DON'T watch this video. It depicts a 29 deaf woman hearing her voice through cochlear implant for the very first time. It is so sweet and so touching! Science is AMAZING.

This is my favorite video ever- I watch it whenever I'm feeling blue- maybe it will help you too!

Other things I love this week!

I won an awesome giveaway by Roots and Feathers!//finally starting to catch up on unwatched episodes of Bones// reading chapter after chapter of Dreadnought// curling up in my papasan and drinking mugs of apple cider// pad thai and curry with my sweetheart// healthy grocery shopping// buying my first Halloween decorations for the house!//my husband leaving sweet notes for me online// finally getting to skype with my mom after her NYC vacation//watching countless makeup youtube videos and experimenting

What's been making your life happy this week?


  1. This is a fabulous thing to do for a blog. Remembering things that made you happy and that you love. Helps one appreciate the little things. Also, loving that blue hair, too, but with a gorgeous face like hers, she could pull off any color, as could you! Not so sure I could, plus not sure I could deal with the looks the other parents would give me during school morning drop off & afternoon pickups haha!

  2. I can't get over how great that doily dress is!


  3. Wow okay. I love all this stuff...but the video of the deaf girl hearing for the first time...yea...started crying like a baby! So amazing. We take things for granted...a lot.

    Love it.

    Thanks for sharing!!

    Awesome blog :)

  4. Just love rootsandfeathers and her blog. I am a new follower of yours and i am liking this post.

  5. Thank you everyone for your sweet comments. I have the greatest followers ever! <3

  6. Just found your blog through Oh So Lovely. I love it! And that brides dress is one of the nicest dresses Ive ever seen!

    Cathy xxx
    Turquoise Flamingo

  7. I love the video of the deaf girl hearing herself. I was so happy for her.


  8. hi gorgeous!
    i love your pictures!
    You would totally look super cute with that wedding dress.
    it is so your style! =) and the video made me cry! It's
    unbelievable the things you can do now a days. I am happy
    for her. The blue hair girl .. how cute is she! You would
    definitely look super hot with the blue hair .. eventhough
    i must admit I AM LOVING YOUR RED HAIR <3

    fly with me ♥

  9. those mason jarrrss!! i'm bookmarking that tutorial...

  10. LJ!

    Emily's hair is amazing! She looks just like one of my girlfriends up here in Canada! They honestly could be twins!

    I'm also really loving the video you posted of the deaf girl made me cry. So sweet and wonderful and inspiring.

    Thanks for sharing!

    Love & Hugs

  11. Oh my gosh, that doily wedding dress is SO creative!
    xo Moorea

  12. some truely amazing shots here!
    nice xx


  13. So excited to find someone else who LOVES How Sweet It Is! I have made, altered and based new recipes off so many of hers. She is a cooking genius!

    Would die for that hammock also.

    a cup of subtle tea


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