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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Things I Love Thursday

This living room on Revelment is inspiring me to invest in a chevron rug... I love the look of everything in this picture!

Show Me Your Money Face kinda cracks me up. So weird!

I am lovin this beautiful druzy copper geode ring by MidwestAlchemy!

Obsessed with this gorgeous mountain home flooring- this belongs in my dream house.

 Hot cocoa just got a  LOT more fun...

This hair is making me swoon, hardcore.

I'm considering investing in this dress from Victoria's Secret- it looks so comfy and cozy!

Ahaha! This LOL cat definitely made me lol... I love thin mints, but I don't feel thin after eating them, either :(

Having a garden like this someday is one of my heart's desires.

This Marceline cosplay is so spot on. Perfect!

Little baby hedgehogs getting a bath! Aren't they precious?

This is a little old, but if you haven't seen it yet... you need to. Jimmy Kimmel sent a challenge out to the parents of America to tell their kids that they ate all their Halloween candy and tape the results... which are hilarious and precious, to say the least.

What else made my life joyful this week:

Going to my first con- Comikaze in LA (pictures to come)//getting my house all clean and beautiful//eating healthy and delicious foods//healing skype chats with my mommy//playing gears of war with my hubby//getting my caricature drawn for free// a girl telling me that she loved my face...awkward but really sweet <3//chilly fall weather//

What made you guys gleeful this last week?


  1. Oh my those baby hedgehogs! Crazy! I don't think they enjoyed bath time... And I just went over to that ring shop and hearted it... amazing!! and I'm now going to go pin that wood floor. I die.

  2. laughed out loud at the cat! hahaha


  3. ugh that mountain home flooring is to die for!!
    the Marceline cosplay is incredible! that axe is stellar.

  4. haha omg i am at work
    and i am cracking up with my
    cousin looking at the last video
    with the kids crying hahahahaha
    i am still laughing xD

    this made my day love!


  5. That ring is pretty gorgeous. I've never seen anything like it (which is why I'm attracted to it). I love things that are different, things that are raw. What a nice find.

    Also, I love that you enjoy pictures of cats in kitschy surroundings. WE ARE FRIENDS. AUTOMATIC FRIENDS. (And, apparently according to my inner crazy cat lady, I don't even need your approval to say that.)

  6. that mountain floor is fantastic. the blue hair divine. i always like seeing a chick rocking out with a guitar whether it's a bass or 6 string. her boots are fun too.


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