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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday- One Woman Wolf Pack

 You can hardly see it, but I'm in LOVE with my nail polish I got in my November Birchbox- it's stunning. I usually don't go for blue, but this is the prettiest blue polish I've ever laid eyes on. It's called Noel from the Holiday 2011 collection by Zoya.

This is my first ever what I wore post including jeans! I'm quite nervous about it- I sometimes feel as though outfits with jeans are simply too casual to post on the blog, but this is often the type of outfit that I wear. I feel comfortable, casual and cool, and that's my typical style. What do you think about jean posts on blogs? Are they ok or just too casual?

 I just bought this shirt from Urban a couple days ago... and I've been wearing it ever since. It's so soft and comfortable. The fabric is that perfect vintage wash, nice and thin and soft. It feels like my favorite tees that I've worn a million times.

I am totally embracing messy hair today.

Shirt// Urban Outfitters
Jeans//American Eagle
Moccasins// Minnetonka
Cuff// Gift from India


  1. YOU look smashing! And jeans better be okay, because they are THE only thing I wear on my lower half besides PJ pants - only at night - and one black skirt I wear on laundry day! ;) If jeans are your style, rock 'em!!!

  2. Definitely love the jeans look! That's what most people wear everyday so it's a good thing to post about. :) you look so cute!

  3. Girl, jeans are totally okay for outfit posts ;)

    And your hair looks great! Messy my butt! You don't want to see what REAL messy looks like. Hahaha.

  4. LOVE LOVE LOVE that shirt


  5. you look amazing in jeans love!

    =D sometimes a little change is good
    your shirt reminded me of Twilight Movies =D
    which i been watching lately so i could
    go see the last one ... do you like the movies?

    happy thanksgiving

  6. I'm Alessia from Shopping Therapy..I love your hair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so beautiful!!!!!I'm following you, and if you want, I could take one of your buttons for a month in my blog, to sponsor you, if you want do the same with mine!!!!! let me know!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love californiaaaa I've been last year, in San Jose!!!! <3

  7. personally, I love jean posts! all the other fashion blogs seem to stick to just skirts and dresses when jeans are a crucial and interesting facet of any wardrobe! keep 'em coming!

  8. What a cool , laid-back outfit. The wolf really compliments the moccasins!


  9. I've always wanted moccasins. I think they look great with your outfit!


  10. I'm a jeans kinda girl so I like seeing WIW posts with jeans. Super cute outfit!


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