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Saturday, December 31, 2011

new years

In 2011, I:

meeting my idol, tiny even in towering heels, the most amazing and surreal experience of my lifetime. being picked up in the trunk of a beautiful creature creating a bond I never could have imagined, and taking the biggest leap of faith off a huge tower and swinging in a sense of wild freedom I'll never forget.

extracting stubborn teeth and being nursed to health by beloved family while i hallucinated heavily on strong drugs.

a place of prominence in the most beautiful wedding, so many tears of joy and a huge sense of pride, watching my sister (no in law, here) walk down an aisle of fairy tale petals.

meeting the most beautiful little girl and falling in love with her immediately, laughing as she wobbles delightfully around tables and kisses herself in the mirror. I would too, if I were that lovely.

so many adventures with the most wonderful new friend... drinking and hot tubs, beaches and parks, and my very first time in the most magical place on earth, riding every ride, noshing on slushies and churros, and running around like ecstatic little children.

I quit a nasty habit, filling my lungs with smoke and making my whole body unhealthy... and I can't imagine ever going back.

touring my husbands high school and acting like kids the whole time... a grand party and seeing numerous girls crestfallen as I flashed my ring. Many glasses of wine later, we danced and laughed and sang and told jokes- either the life of the party or fools, such a good and happy night.

starting a presence in the online world- being exposed to so many beautiful and inspiring people who make me feel creative and unique- living in my own little world and completely satisfied.

so many brilliant folks in my life who make every day an adventure in a bright new world. thank you, every single one, for being part of my journey as you make it as surprising, as strange, and as radiant as it is. here's to 2012- may it be even more exciting, bizarre and bewitching. <3


  1. Happy New Year! May 2012 be just as delightful for you!


  2. Happy New Year girl!!! Hope you rang it in with a big fat smooch!


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