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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Things I Love Thursday

Gorgeous turquoise hair <3

These adorable kitten wraparound rings <3

This gorgeous pink fur coat- I want a faux one for this winter! So chic.

This adorable greyhound reindeer <3 Reminds me so much of Max in How the Grinch Stole Christmas!

This sweepy little fox <3 

This waterproof planetarium that you can take into the tub with you! <3

Better than Sex Caketini.... ummm, yes please!

 Oh Jason Segel, I <3 you!

I don't care if he's a monster... Tate is my favorite. <3

Adventure time!!! <3

This cute little lizard is kicking some major butt on this video game using his tongue! So adorable.

This 8 month old deaf baby just got a cochlear implant and is hearing his mommy's voice for the first time. SO sweet.

things that made me happy this week:
going out to dinner with my sweetie for the first time ages// playing insane amounts of Skyrim//chalk drawings with cute kiddos//bizarre cartoons//smoothies//healthy eating// exercise// baking lots of Christmas cookies//chats with my daddy over skype// weird dreams// cool weather//planning christmas fun

what made you smile this week, lovelies?


  1. Aw! That baby video is so so sweet! You always find the best things to share! And that sleeping fox... oh my goodness! Foxes are my favorite so I about died!

  2. My sister received a cochlear implant when she was six years old, so that video made me tear up extra hard! Thanks for posting, loved everything else as well :)

  3. o my goodness.....that video was precious..thank you for sharing


  4. The cochlear implant touched my heart and the beardy catching ants tickled my funny bone. The greyhound with the reindeer antlers looked just like our puppy, Tyggr! You found great things to share this week.

  5. I need those rings, that doggy, that FOX!!!, the planetarium and of course a caketini!

  6. I love the waterproof planetarium and the faux fur and I ADORE that girl's hair! This week made me smile realizing that the happiest times of my life were the ones that I was looking at the bright side of things. Happiness really is in how we see things...

  7. awwwwwwwww love!
    you always have the cutest videos on earth!
    it makes my day ♥
    seriously the baby video made me tear up
    i am so happy what technology can do now a days


    Melina ♥


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