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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Things I love Thursday

This gorgeous vintage sheer lilac dress with rhinestones from fancymeetingyouhere.

I adore this lovely e.e. cummings laser cut by julene. This is one of my favorite poems ever.

Is this not one of the greatest things you have ever seen? Need it. NOW. from SpicyToast.

What an excellent motto! Would love to have this hanging in my home. by wickedpaper.

I am DROOLING over this room. It's so lush and feminine! That muted grey is one of my favorite colors for decor.

This is my dream home. And dream car. <3

 I can just picture having a vase of these on a table- gorgeous champagne flavored lollies by Vintage Confections. So pretty.

In absolute LUST with this gorgeous HUSAR D rhinestone bib necklace. SO SPARKLY OMG. from Gypsy Road Studio.

I am having a serious cat eye glasses moment- and these sparkly vintage ones totally fit the bill. By BackThennishVIntage.

 Love this slightly creepy kitty painting by Marion Peck. 

I want to drink my milk like this everyday- pink and with sprinkles! So cute.

Other things that have made me smile this week:

runny egg yolks on toast//long chats with mommy//way too much champagne with good friends//playtime with kiddos//Taiwan tea//new fur coat//finally watching Scott Pilgrim...omg so good!//double shot dirty chais at the coffeeshop// matching sparkly nails with my mom and friend//crazy road trips and tacky gambling stops//dinosaur museums!!//


  1. YAYYYYYYYYY you are back!
    how you been?

    MELINA ♥

  2. Glad you are back. I've missed your Thursday posts.
    Hope all is well :o)

  3. THAT HOUSE IS AMAZING. And I love the bath mat and toilet seat cover.

  4. I've missed your updates, glad to see you back! I really want to try those champagne lollipops, yuummm!

    -Amanda K.

  5. I think I laughed a good five minutes from the cat rug and cover.

    I needed that :)

  6. i love the "be silly, be honest, be kind" print !!

  7. Hello! Your blog is so intersting! What do you say about following each other on GFC? and facebook like?:X

  8. that sheer vintage dress is to die for! i think i'm literally dying over those sparkly glasses frames, though... x


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