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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

DIY Day- Glittered Cupcake Stand

Browsing Pinterest the other day, I found the cutest little cupcake stand tutorial by We Are Not Martha and just HAD to make it! You might have noticed this glittery confection in last Foodie Friday's post, where I displayed some nom-tastic Sugar Donut Muffins on my homemade stand. I thought you guys might enjoy the how-to so you can make a beautiful little stand to show off your own culinary creations! Or even just little knick knacks. Or a candle. Or.... the possibilities are endless!!

Here are the supplies you are going to need to corral:

 Mod Podge
Beautiful, messy, sparkly glitter (your choice of color. or colors!)
Wooden Candlestick (these babies are available at most local craftstores for like a buck a piece)
A little round wooden box (we'll just be using the lid)
Sponge Brush
Mod Podge Clear Protective Spray

I forgot to take a before picture (whoops!) but there was a metal part extending above the wood, so per We Are Not Martha's recommendation, I pushed that part back so I'd have a nice, clean, flat surface to start with.

Dip your foam brush in the modpodge and lightly cover the surface of the wooden candlestick. Be sure to get those little nooks and crannies! We want everything to be all glittered up, here.

We Are Not Martha had the marvelously clever idea of doing the glittering over a large dish to catch the excess glitter. I still made a ridiculous mess, but totally less of a mess than I would have otherwise! Success! Sprinkle your glitter all over the candlestick until you have every part of it covered. It took me doing it twice- I covered it as much as I could once, let it dry about 10-15 minutes, then lightly re mod podged (is that even a word?!) the surfaces that were not glittered to my liking and sprinkled away until I was satisfied with my handiwork. 

Then, do the same thing to your wooden box lid. Lightly coat in mod podge, then glitter away! 

Set both your pieces somewhere to dry for at least 15 minutes. If you are impatient, like me, this can be difficult, but it's important, so don't skip it!

Put some wood glue on the top of your candlestick and center your wooden lid on top and then press and hold it down for a few seconds.

Wait again, let it dry and then spray with the clear coat to keep all that beautiful glitter attached to your gorgeous cupcake stand!  Let that dry for another 15 min ( I know, drying time takes FOREVER! Ugh!)  and then you are ready to put this little beauty to use! Plop a delicious homemade confection atop its sparkling throne and enjoy! 



  1. What a fun craft idea for presenting a special something.

  2. Love it! What an awesome & easy idea, too!


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