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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday- Helena Dress

Ahh, the first murmurings of fall... leaves changing color, a cool breeze in the air, the smell of a wood fire drifting from the chimney. No, we have none of that happening in sunny Southern California and it makes LJ a very sad panda. It still remains in the sultry 90's most days where I live, but I'm tired of shorts and tee shirt weather, and I decided I wasn't having any of it anymore. Perhaps with some serious wishful thinking, I can hint to the universe that it is time to change her ways again. 

Hasn't worked yet. And tights are a bad idea in 90 + degree weather. 

And.... I'm spinning! This is definitely a twirling dress. I can't help but spin around in circles whenever I put it on. 

Outfit Details

Helena Dress//Modcloth
Necklace//gift from a friend
Shoes//so ancient I don't remember where they are from- I think Payless.


  1. Well you look very pretty, either way! In Florida the weather won't start to get cold for a few more months at least, so I understand your pain :(

    Love your hair color and your belt!

  2. You look absolutely divine! Your hair is gorgeous! I'm a new follower, I read your comment on another blog and decided to pop over and check out your blog, I love it! I can't wait to peruse through your other posts!



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