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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Things I Love Thursday

Welcome to my first edition of Things I Love Thursday

Here are some things I've been <3 -ing this week:

This adorable stamp- From the mouths of babes!

This gorgeous faux feather garland, I want to make one so badly!

Glitter Litas! Totally drool-worthy.

Good question to start your day.

Isn't this girl's hair amazing? I'd love to dye my hair this color or something similar after I'm finished interviewing for a new job :)

Check out this guy! What a super costume.

This gorgeous glittery makeup.

This comic, which I feel rather adequately describes my general taste <3

My ridiculous bruising from my wisdom teeth removal, which my mother says looks like mutton chops. Awesome!

These incredibly precious little otter pups <3

This fake Ben and Jerry's ice cream which made me nearly die of laughter- if only it were real!

Other little things this week which made me smile:

a beautiful handmade flower headband which a friend crafted for me//platacat! cataplus!//delicious unhealthy caramel cheesecake//seeing my husband after a week of being away// apple flavored popsicles// reading that you can request "pie mcflurries" from Mcdonalds// reminiscing about old photographs with my sweet mother// imagining with a friend that we were kittens in a past life// wonderfully comfortable beds// obsessively online "window" shopping// drinking milkshakes for breakfast// the september issues of my favorite magazines.

So kittens, what have you been delighting in and loving this week?


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  2. Dear LJ--I know in real life that you are a fashionista. After seeing those amazing Glitter Lita's above, I thought you might share some practical advice about cool shoes for feet that need pampering. Glitter Lita's are great to look at and wear to a party but I need real shoes that I can walk in when I travel to NYC the end of September that look and feel GREAT. Translate--comfortable, orthopedic shoes for mature feet.

  3. Hey Silver- I can totally relate to my feet needing the occasional break from sky-high footwear! I'd love to do an article on adorable and comfortable shoes to pamper tired tootsies, thank you so much for your comment and insightful input.


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