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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Things I Love Thursday

'Jurassic Park' headed back to cinemas- ahead of it's Blu-Ray release. This article says it will be back in select theaters for a limited time, starting September 23. I seriously watch Jurassic Park at least once a month, and it is one of my very favorite films. This news alone could complete my Things I Love Thursday, I am SO stoked.


Lavender Tea Cakes by Today's Nest. I can totally see Bilbo Baggins sitting down with a plate of these and some tea while writing There and Back Again.

Check out this gorgeous Spring Twig Crown by littlehoneypies on Etsy. So romantic!

Just sayin. ;)

SHUT. UP. Miss Frizzle Cosplay? Best. Costume. Ever. <3

I simply MUST own this Kitten Cuddle hoodie by the marvelous Mungo Crafts on Etsy. (psst, my birthday is coming up soon ;) )

Vote Swanson 2012... or don't.

Brighten your Day with some dandy floral mustaches!

Aren't these Sleepy Panda Mary Janes from Etsy seller Em and Sprout incredibly adorable? <3

Rolo Brownie Bites with caramel cream cheese frosting... OMG, yum.

This video of 100 Years of East London Style in 100 seconds is beautiful, and genius.

Webcam 101 for Seniors has MAJOR cute factor. Seriously, so adorable and hilarious. Love this!

Other things this week that made me smile:

movie marathon with hubby//drinking my first apple cider of the season// getting job applications turned in//writing everything in sparkly gel pens//coconut lip butter from Bath and Body Works// getting some fun surprises in the mail// the silly faces my dad always makes at me over skype//tahitian vanilla bean gelato//sparkly nail polish//pom green tea with lychee <3

What's been making your weeks happy, darlings?


  1. I had been meaning to watch that 101 video and Thanks to you I just did. So fantastic! I love how he just starts randomly singing. :) Haha! And when he says her hair looks nice. Aw! And Jurassic Park in theaters again?! I would love to go to that! Except it really does scare me. haha!

  2. I love these sort of posts! The world really could use more positivity like this!

  3. I'm in love with the costume as well! Such a great idea.

  4. Liked your links. Especially the seniors--oh, how perfect. Precious.
    Can't wait for more recipes, too. :)

  5. That makes me want some lavender cookies asap.

  6. Lol, I love the seniors. My Mom showed my that video the other day and i was cracking up.


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