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Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween, my lovelies! Have any fun plans for today? What are you going as, or what did you go as this weekend? I'm actually not a vampire today, I'm attending a party as a fox, but I don't have photos yet :) Whatever you plan to do to celebrate, be safe and have fun... and GET SCARY!



  1. thanks so much for your comment, laurajane! and i can tell you that yes, i have absolutely visited your blog (and more than just once!) I follow you on Google Reader and think you are positively darling! I really should say that more via comments but it's almost as if I get stage fright in a way! haha I actually think I remember you from Livejournal long ago? maybe? I could just be making that up but you've always looked so familiar! <3

  2. Aww! You are so sweet- I do totally understand about getting a bit of blog stage fright when commenting, I've really been trying to shake that lately and comment more frequently :)

    That is so funny that you remember me from Livejournal days! That's totally where I know you from, but I didn't think you'd recognize me :) Those were the good ol' days, eh? <3

  3. LauraJane1

    Happy Halloween friend :)
    I'll be working but we get to dress up at work! So I'll be Dora the Explorer ;) I'll post pictures!

    This looks like DEXTER. Have you ever watched that show? The best!!

  4. You bet I have, I love Dexter! I'm only caught up to the beginning of season 4 though.

    I'm so excited to see your Dora pictures, how adorable! Happy Halloween girl :)

  5. Love that photo! Totally reminds me of Jessica from True Blood!

    I'm being kinda lame this Halloween, and will be gorging myself on candy (maybe passing some out to trick-or-treaters if they stop by) and watching some scary movies! Can't wait to see your costume, it sounds adorable!

    -amanda k.

  6. NICE job on this photo haha and you still look adorable


  7. Happy Halloween to you too darling!


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