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Monday, October 31, 2011

Adorable Halloween Costumes

Look at this adorable Woody costume!

Ahaha! Look at this precious crime fighting duo!

Baby Lobster! What's cookin, good lookin?

Chia Pet Boston Terrier! This one cracks me up :P

Cutest baby shark EVER! Look at that smile :)

The most adorable little Pooh dog! So sleepy.

This little Dwight may be my very favorite. How perfect is this costume??

This precious Audrey Hepburn costume is so cute I could just DIE! When I have a little girl someday... so doing something like this!

I can't help but feel like this Alex costume is a teeney bit inappropriate for wee ones, but this is still wickedly cool- I mean look at the look on his face! Such a ham.

This baby viking has me in stitches. Seriously, how adorable is that getup?


  1. Oh my god, that Chia Pet bulldog!!! <3 Love, love, love. So creative yet simple! All of these are so cute. As for the little kids, Woody is probably my favorite. I love how many little girls wanna be like Woody!!! Yeehaw!

  2. Oh wait wait wait... Since my wife and I both have a bit of Viking blood in us, I gotta say the wee Viking is freakin' adorable!

    Okay. I'm done now!

  3. This are so adorable! specially the one with Audrey Hepburn!

  4. omg - give me that little lobster! :)


  5. Oh my goodness, how precious! I especially love Woody, that little girl is adorable!

  6. Halloween and children's costumes I must say I never get tired of them. Thanks for posting some adorable choices. My personal fav...the chia pet Boston Terrier.

  7. aww how adorable!
    my favorite is the winnie the pooh doggie!
    thats just the cutest thing i've seen on earth!



  8. Hello--Just wanted to say Hi! I love your intro! Chia Pug, omg.xo Moxie

  9. I love the woody costume, it's absolutely adorable.


  10. the little dwight is definitely my favorite, too! love them all though. cute little audrey is amazing as well. now I know why I need a child . . .


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