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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Things I Love Thursday

Santa cat is NOT amused.

In "Why didn't I think of that?!" news... Bacon Cinnamon Rolls. Yiss please.

On my road to healthy eating and exercise, I often feel like Stan in this American Dad episode. (<3)

Brookish7 has one of the most awesome Etsy shops ever. These are waffle sheets with fruit pillows (and a syrupy blanket!) I mean, seriously. Awesome. She also sells pizza sleeping bags. Not even joking.

Eggnog Jello Shots! Just in time for Christmas. You're welcome :)

This collection of photographs focuses on animal's eyes up close... so interesting how all the tiny variations in the eye make it look so peculiar when photographed that closely. Eyeballs are amazing!

I am MEGA obsessed with this great dress at Nasty Gal. So Sparkly! 

Apparently these are chocolates... and I need them in my life right now! They are way too pretty to eat though, I think.

This picture made me actually LOL. Stealth cat FTW!


Skyrim Theme with Christmas Lights. AMAZING.
My mom declared yesterday that only geeks play Skyrim. I said, "Nuh uh, Lucas and I play Skyrim!!!" She just looked at me sympathetically, nodded, and said, "I know."  LOL.

Holy Cow, this firefighter exam is beyond amazing. So cool!

The HOBBIT TRAILER! I almost peed my pants in excitement, not even joking. So thrilled.

other things that made me happy this week:
finding out my christmas present from my husband (more to come)//getting lots of cards in the mail//all the pretty lights around the neighborhood//making yummy treats//having a clean pantry and fridge for the first time in ages// having a husband who at least tries to take care of me and be sympathetic when I am sick//my kitten pajamas which I have worn pretty much constantly since getting them (our roommate asked me this morning if I am ever going to get out of pajamas and into real clothes..... no. No I am not.) //drunken phone calls to old friends//reminiscing with FB timeline

What made you smile this week, kittens?


  1. I was also really excited about "The Hobbit" trailer. I can't wait! I may have to re-read the book before it comes out now....yep, I'm a dork.

    I dunno how I feel about the bacon cinnamin rolls...LOL

  2. wow love!
    my coworkers and i got shocked
    by the firefighter video!
    i told them:
    haha ... i love Thursday's post!
    you are the best ♥

    Melina ♥

  3. love all your Pinterest finds...especially the waffle sheets


  4. bacon cinnamon rolls?!? I might have to try this out for christmas morning!

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