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Thursday, January 5, 2012

New Haircolor

Today I was feeling very unininspired and "blah" for lack of a finer term, and I decided that a change was in order. I've had this box of brown haircolor for sometime and today came time to use it. I've been a redhead for so long, it can sometimes feel like my identity has been taken away from me when I go to a different color, but I like the way this turned out. Still quite red, but maybe a bit more mature and polished. What do you think? The above is the BEFORE, and here is the AFTER:


  1. Hey, we have about the same hair color now!! haha! I was a redhead for a VERY long time and I'm slowly working my way back to brown. lol I really like the brown on you. It makes your eyes look SUPER bright! =)

  2. I LOVEEEE that you still have a hint of red in your hair. You are such a beautiful red head!

  3. I seriously love it :)
    I saw that you were debating it on Facebook and so glad you decided to take the plunge :)

  4. Gawgeous!!! LOVE IT. I am a natural brunette, so that may be why. ;) Currently dyed blonde! You look gorgeous with red and reddish-brown hair, lovely!

  5. Looks beautiful! Your cute bob makes me want to give my hair the chop!

  6. i love the new color
    but seriously the red color
    looks amazing on ya!
    you are like one of the few that
    really looks good with it =D


  7. Beautiful! I recently dyed my red hair a slightly browner tinge too. There is definitely something sophisticated about it.

    You look lovely, especially in the blue! :)


  8. you have beautiful hair!!



  9. That hair colour suits you perfectly!
    Nice makeup as well!
    Follow eachother's blogs? :)
    Much love, Vivi

  10. I just looked to the sky and screamed "NOOOOOOO!" The new look is very pretty, but I LOVED your red hair. I guess change is necessary sometimes though :)

  11. Wow!!! I love it! I love the red as well, but this looks great. Your eyes really pop. Also, I LOVE your makeup :)

    Mabel Time


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