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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Tehachapi Adventures

Yesterday my friend Alyssa and I ventured to a small town nearby called Tehachapi to get our of the house and do some exploring... I'd been a couple of times before to a small cafe there, and I've always enjoyed the small town feel there. It reminds me a bit of home, and after a few years of living in a bigger city, sometimes I just need that. I thought I would share a few pictures from our little outing.

There were so many cute little restaurants- I would love to go back sometime and try this one out.

 How awesome is this little barber shop? Everything has a bit of a new old fashioned feel to it in downtown- I love that esthetic.

Adorable retro motel I totally want to stay at. Color TV and all, folks!

 This is where we decided we'd stop by for some lunch- a cute old fashioned burger joint downtown.

 Apparently they are renowned for their ostrich burgers, which they get from an ostrich farm nearby, but they were all out when we went in :(

The food was excellent, hot and fresh. I got a chicken sandwich and some zucchini and Alyssa got an Angus burger and fries. I'm drooling a bit just thinking of it.
 Isn't Alyssa gorgeous?

 There was a cute little museum with some artifacts from old Tehachapi that was quite interesting- look at this neat old carriage!

My dream typewriter <3

Thought this was quite funny/creepy- the amount of lashings required for bad behavior at school. Yikes!
 Old medical texts and tools.

We had a great time exploring- and I hope to go back to Tehachapi soon. For such a small town, there is so much to experience and the people are incredibly welcoming and friendly. If I can't get a taste of home, at least I have this!


  1. Oh my goodness!!! Such an amazing little town. I wish we had a place like that here!!! (Maybe we do?) That carriage is gorgeous, as is the typewriter. <3 Does Alyssa blog? She sounds fantastic (and yes, she is gorgeous. So are you!) Sounds like an amazing day. :D

    1. Aww thank you Angie! And yes, Alyssa does blog, check her out at


  2. What a neat little town! Ostrich burgers?? I didn't know people ate ostriches. It IS a bird and people eat birds. Your food looks really good....

    Mabel Time

  3. aww that's so cute
    you went on a little adventure with your friend!

    she is gorgeous
    you are right..

    i am glad you guys had a good time!

    i missed ya!

    Melina ♥


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